• Honda – 12 months 12,000 miles (12/12)
  • NAPA Autocare nationwide parts and labor (24/24)
    * some parts include a lifetime parts warranty.
  • Most other new parts are parts/labor are (12/12).
  • Used parts warranty varies. Used engines and transmissions up to three years unlimited mileage.

We cover all factory parts, and most aftermarket parts. Unfortunately we cannot offer any labor or parts warranty on parts the customers supply to us Used engines and transmissions vary depending on application.

Parts Sales and Ordering…

We are happy to offer discount factory parts for you do it yourself needs.
Due to the fairly low overhead we have we can sell you parts cheaper than the dealer can.
We also offer free overnight shipping if ordered before 2:30 (factory cut off time)

Service and Repair…

We charge a flat rate of $55.57 per hour. Compared to most speacialty shops at $65-$85, and dealers at $85-$125 an hour, we really ARE HALF PRICE!!
Also, since there isn’t a “boss” running around like a crazy person worried about every dime lost or gained we can actually focus on the most important thing… fixing you vehicle the right way the first time.
We focus on taking the time to fix your vehicle and informing you of your options instead of how much money we are making.