About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Our Philosophy

As a small business founded on Christian values we have dedicated the business to God and are trusting Him to help us be good stewards of what he has blessed us with. We had put a lot of prayer and consideration into opening an automotive shop of our own. After 17 years in the industry Will has been in several different aspects of the business, from student to teacher, shade tree mechanic to Master Certified Auto Technician, from new guy at the dealership to experienced guy at the independent shop. Even a little while as a parts guy, and now, by Gods grace, a business owner/operator.

I have not only learned the correct, fair way to conduct business, but more importantly MANY examples of what NOT to do in the automotive industry. Our goal is to provide an excellent service at a fair and reasonable price. We WILL, as a company, do our best to inform you of your options for repair or service, and give our recommendations on the best choice. The decision will then be yours to make. We will work very diligently to fix the problem right the first time. Remember, we are striving for perfection and nothing less! However, you are dealing with humans and machines, neither of which is perfect.

So, in the event one of those two are not perfect we WILL stand behind our work and our word. We WILL satisfy our customers if given the opportunity, if a problem should arise. We are not trying to get rich! WE’LL FIX IT AUTOMOTIVE is a company different from most others. Our main financial goals are as follows (in order of importance): Paying our bills/debts. Earning a fair wage to help develop our business, and support our local church, missionaries, and community. If we are blessed with an abundance of money we plan to use it for God’s ministry.


Company Profile

When We'll Fix It began, it started with 2 employees besides Will Edmonds, and his wife. Will typically took care of parts, scheduling, working on a few of the cars, advertising, and company financing. His wife was very instrumental in day to day operations at home with the kids and planning for the future of the business. In addition, they had 2 technicians working on the majority of the vehicles we repair and service.

WE’LL FIX IT AUTOMOTIVE is a true “Mom and Pop business” with the addition of their daughter Shelby on 01/01/2009, their son James on 01/06/2011 and youngest Secily on 12/27/2012 .They remain a small, humble, growing, profession with a heart to serve the community with high quality, fair automotive services. 

In 2016, We'll Fix It Automotive opened a second location in Barnardsville, North Carolina.